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6 Big Steps To Setting Up Infusionsoft From Scratch!

1.Fully setup your application

This means going through every setting in your application – FIRST. It is a bit time consuming but you will cut a lot of pain out in the long run if you do it now. Doing this will also get you familiar with your new Infusionsoft application. Some things to focus on are your company setting, user signatures, user permission, and user groups. These settings will come into play most often through out your application as you start to build things out.
From the main drop down in your application start with Admin Settings on the far right. Then move on to CRM Settings then Marketing Settings and finally eCommerce Settings.

2.Create your lead magnet and follow up

Creating a lead magnet that works is very important. Think about what your general audience would be interested in getting for free. And when I say interested… I mean interested enough to trade you for their email address. Common items to use as your lead magnet would be a Free Report, Newsletter, Discount, Free Trial etc… test them to find out what works best for your audience. Next you will want to create your first followup sequence to deliver the report and followup with more touches to educate them.
Your follow up should stay on topic with your lead magnet. Use the campaign builder in your app to make this mini flow a reality on your site and in your application.

3.Be able to collect cash money

First thing you MUST have is a merchant account in order to fully use Infusionsoft’s eCommerce functionality. After that is set up decide if you are selling your products individually or in multiples. The order forms work great to keep focus on one product at a time while the shopping cart lets buyers add multiple products with one checkout. Create a few products first then go play with an order form and then the shopping cart.
Make sure to add your merchant account to the eCommerce settings and then set it up on either your order form or in the shopping cart settings as default. Test it with a $1 product first.

4.Let people send referrals your way

Once you have your eCommerce all sorted out, working, and able to take in orders, it is time to let people send you lead and customer referrals. First thing to think about is how you want to compensate your affiliates. Most common is on the sale once full payment is taken in successfully. Create your commission program, then your referral links to either your landing page or main site, and finally any email copy or banners you want to give your referral partners to aid in their efforts.
The final thing is to create a web form to let people interested in earning commissions sign up. There is a drag and drop feature in your web form builder that will guide you through this.

5.Generate new leads to fill your funnel

This is probably the most important part of it all! EVERYTHING else is worthless with out leads to sell to. Generating leads comes down to getting in front of your target audience and presenting them something that they find of interest(free report). Getting in front of them can consist of many different strategies including but not limited to the following: Search Engine PayPerClick(Google), Facebook Advertising, cross promotions with people in your same industry(partner program), Search Engine Optimization, commenting on forums where you audience hangs out and more…
The most cost effective and easiest way to get people to want to trust you enough to do business and give you their $$ is a personal referral. Get someone to promote you if you can, next would be ads.

6.Test and optimize your new funnel

Always testing your process and refining is a must. You will never know how effective you are until you test everything you set up. I am not talking about testing for functionality on the technical end… that should be a given. I am talking about how your leads react to specific steps in your funnel. These steps or touch points include places starting with your advertising, lead magnet, followup sequence call-to-actions, sales conversions, etc.. Does a video sales page vs old fashioned long copy convert better or not…
Start by using the functionality in Infusionsoft’s reporting. See how many people open your emails with a simple subject line change or test to see how many visitors land on your landing page and opt in to lead magnet ‘A’ VS same amount of traffic to magnet ‘B’.

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