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Facebook Advertising

Done For You Service

We Map It Out, Build It, and Manage It For You
Let us dive into your business and figure out the best way to advertise on Facebook to give you the best possible ROI.

Below you will see what we do in more detail when it comes to getting you all built out and actively running ads on Facebook. Plus, we obviously know Infusionsoft which will be tightly integrated to the fullest on your Facebook advertising campaign. Contact us today to get a full quote for creating and managing your Facebook ads.

1. Game Plan – We map out your whole Facebook ads campaign

Mapping out the complete flow from the lead magnet, landing page, ad creation, targeting your audience, thank you page and all of the followup in between managed by your Infusionsoft account. Basically, when this is complete we will have a solid game plan to build out for your business.

2. Construction – We build everything out for you

You must have a strong call to action on your landing page or Facebook fan page to be effective and get the most bang for buck regarding lead conversions. We will build you a high converting landing page or fan page to drive new eyeballs to which will convert to leads. Target market research & ad creative and are all done for you during the build out process. We do it all!

3. Management – We keep your ads converting with in budget

After your ads are actively running they will need to be tweaked, freshened up, and re-targeted continually to maintain their effectiveness. People will become ‘ad blind’ when seeing the same ad over and over again. We will work to keep your ad spend budget at the best cost per click possible. Management also includes ‘check-in calls’ to discuss the campaigns, strategies, and overall effectiveness once per month or as needed.

How do we charge for this?
An initial build out cost will be quoted and collected before work begins. Only after the build out is done and we are ready to hit ‘GO’ on your ads, the agreed monthly management fee will begin. Every ad campaign will have a specific objective and landing page to drive people too. Each campaign will include 5 variations of unique ads for split testing purposes. These ads have to be continually updated as well as the targeting to remain effective. This is what we do for you as well as consult once a month on the phone.

Whats Next?
Lets have a chat on the phone to see how we can integrate a successful Facebook advertising campaign and
start to generate targeted leads to fill your Infusionsoft funnel!

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