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Infusionsoft & GotoWebinar Plugin
Here are your installation instructions.

Download the files and Install

In the thank you email that you just opened and found this link you should have also seen the download link that expires in 2 days from now.

Download The File(s)
  • Click that link
  • Download the two files to your computer
  • Note their location on your machine
Upload file(s) To Your Server

Now you will need to host those files on your server.
Use an FTP client, cPanel, or your web dude/dudette

  • Once it is uploaded note the location of the file
  • Copy and paste that location in notepad or somewhere that you can reference at anytime
  • Here is a common ftp client if you dont have one yet…

Setting Up Your Webinar

Create a new Webinar in your GotoWebinar account
  • Make sure you only ask for First, Last, and Email in your webinar.
  • You can ask for more information on the Infusionsoft side.
  • Click the Registration Link provided for your webinar.
  • Find the big long string of characters at the end of that link.
  • Copy and paste them or just keep that tab open in your browser for future reference.

Create New Webinar and Note URL

Setup Your Infusionsoft Campaign

Are these 3 simple steps still too technical for you or do you just not have the time?

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