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How To Hide Infusionsoft Footer Logos

How To Hide Infusionsoft Footer Logos

This is a quick and easy one!

If you ever wanted to know how to get rid of the Infusionsoft footer in your Orderforms, Shopping Cart or other areas of pages hosted by your Infusionsoft application… this is how you do it.

  1. Make sure in your Infusionsoft settings you have one of the actual logos chosen to be displayed. Not the text version.
    View Screen Shot Example
  2. Go to an Infusionsoft Order Form from with-in your application and edit it to get to the order form settings.
  3. On the very bottom you will see “Let me design a header and footer for this form.” Check that box off.
  4. Under the Footer portion simply click SOURCE tab to edit the footer source code.
    View Screen Shot Example
  5. Then copy/paste the following code into the area and click SAVE button.  <style> #branding {visibility:hidden;}</style>

This can be used pretty much anywhere you have access to edit custom CSS or HTML code AND there is a LOGO showing(not plain text logo).

Feel free to shoot me any questions!!



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    Steve - You are an Infusionsoft master. Keep the tips coming!
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