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How To Mask Infusionsoft Referral Partner Links

Do you use the affiliate module in Infusionsoft?

If you ever wanted the use your own domain name at the beginning of all your affiliate links then you will want to follow these simple instructions. This will remove the “….” from the url your affiliates use to direct traffic.

From with-in your Infusionsoft account
>Login to your Infusionsoft application
>Click on the CRM Settings
>Click on Referral Partner Defaults
>Scroll down and find the header called Tracking
>Copy the script code onto your computers clipboard

Open up notepad
>Paste the code into notepad or equivalent
>Save the notepad file as index.php

Access your website via FTP or somewhere you can create files and upload
>Create a folder on your root directory. This folder name will be in your new Infusionsoft Affiliate Link Url
>Upload your new index.php file containing the script provided by infusionsoft into your new folder

Back in Infusionsoft
>Log-in to your Infusionsoft application
>Click on CRM Settings
>Click on Referral Partner Settings
>Scroll down and find the header called Tracking
>Find the Custom Referral Partner Link URL field
>Type in the full URL of your domain and new folder containing your index file in this field (ex.
>Click Save.

Thats it!!

You can now go find an Referral Partner record and login as them. Go to their link generator and notice the new referral partner link there for them to use.

Here is a before and after view of the affiliate links in my Infusionsoft App that go to my home page.


After: live currently)

Now you have your real domain in your affiliate links instead of the big long Infusionosoft URL.

If you need any further assistance just let me know.

Best Always,

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