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Now you can grow your business to the max! Learn how to create a constant flow of new prospects and how to get maximum return on investment with your current customer base using Lifecycle Marketing by Infusionsoft.

Start now and learn from Infusionsoft co-founder Scott Martineau for the no cost, unique, and never before given away session. Scott will teach you how the fundamentals of Lifecycle Marketing and how you can implement it in your business.

This information used to only be available to people that attended paid marketing conference and masterminds but now Scott is bringing this information to you via this one of a kind online training.

Learn How To Get A Constant Stream of New Clients, Plus…

In just 1.5 power packed hours, Scott will help show you the areas of opportunity in your own business and create a one of a kind sales and marketing automation plan to open all of your customer getting doors.

You’ll also learn how these 7 items can help you:

  • Spend less to get more targeted traffic
  • Turn prospects into paying clients at a greater rate
  • Increase the total customer value of your existing client base
  • Get leads like never before by implementing an awesome referral program

What the heck is Lifecycle Marketing for Small Business?

Lifecycle Marketing for Small Business is the frame work and funnel that you push your leads through that will automatically drive and convert them into paying customers.

BONUS: Get started now and download a free copy of The Lifecycle Marketing Planner, a step-by-step guide to building your customized sales and marketing strategy. Tell me more.

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The workshop will consist of the following…

  • We’ll teach you all 7 steps of the customer lifecycle. You are probably only focused on a couple of these…
  • Get the planner that will let you map out your own Life Cycle Marketing Plan.
  • Learn how to stop allowing potential leads and prospects from slipping through the gaps in your business sales funnel.
  • Learn how to gain more customers and stay focused on the most valuable items in your day so you continue to use your time to make more money.
  • Last but not least… We will teach you how to skim the water for the ‘easy’ quick sale prospects that are waiting to be sold so you can start using Lifecycle Marketing Today!

What’s the Lifecycle Marketing Planner and how does this help me?

The Lifecycle Marketing Planner is an extra tool for developing and continually improving your Lifecycle Marketing Plan. It consists of:

  • The 7 Key Metrics to watch so you can have a visual on your funnel.
  • A break down of you ideal client/customer so you can target your prospects with pin point clarity.
  • A multi-step review guide so you can see what is not working and what is working.
  • The Topic Generator to help you create sales copy for your prospects and clients that they will want to open up, read, and click through (and respond to).
  • A task for yourself that will show you how you can turn your first time buyers into hard core followers of you business.
  • Learn how to get the highest results while putting in the least amount of your personal time daily which will enable you to keep focus on new lead generation and living your life to the fullest!

I am occupied. Why should I sign up for this workshop right now?

Just about ALL small businesses have the opportunity to close more sales with the leads that are slipping between the cracks. Lets close those cracks up and make more sales!

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