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Monthly Service Plans (best deal) JORDAN

Your All-In-One Consultant!

Ever Wished You Had An Infusionsoft Guy, Web Guy, and Marketing Guy You Could Tap Into Anytime You Wanted?

You can now have full access to me for a fraction of our regular cost on a month-to-month basis! KEEP READING!!

You will have direct access to me for the following items:

Web Developer
Provide website updates, designs and implementations from tiny to large projects. Remember I also am an expert at Infusionsoft so you will not have to worry about bringing in another team for that aspect of your business either.
Infusionsoft Guru
I would handle any projects from small to large when it came to optimizing your reporting, building out any type of marketing/sales flows, or fully integrating Infusionsoft onto your website over the long term life of your business.
Marketing Consultant
When you have an idea or when I may have an idea that either one of us think would benefit your business we will strategize a way to effectively create that process and actually IMPLEMENT IT into your sales/marketing flow.
General Admin Tasks
Use us to handle any day to day tasks that require a sharp person to handle. This can include ANYTHING!! Just let us know and we will take care of it for you.

Get To Know Me Better!

Since we will be working together you should know more about me…

I just turned 30 something, married with two kids, I love Infusionsoft and actually used to work there, I have been working with Infusionsoft clients exclusively for over 5 years now, I am a marketer, web-designer and sales strategist for my clients. Think of me as a ONE STOP SHOP!

I look forward to working with you and your team. If you are in it for the long haul, I am 100% confidant that I will be one of the best assets on your team. A couple qualities I strive to bring to the table besides my technical skills are integrity, honesty, and promptness of my turn around time and overall communication.

Best Decision You Will Ever Make!

Think of me as your dream employee! A once in a lifetime catch! My goal is to make you never want to let me go… EVER!!
The way I make this happen is by helping you refine your marketing, grow your revenue and get crazy awesome ROI everywhere we can in your business.
After you hire me we will have a kick off call so that I can get to know you, your team and your business better.
Every month you will have a minimum number of hours based on plan selection to the right consulting, working on projects, working on Infusionsoft or anything that requires my attention. Everything in my service offerings and products are open up to you for use if it is needed in your business. Time will be logged and you will know what you have available each month at all times.


You will get free access to all of our plug-ins.
You will get 20% OFF any larger projects you choose to have done that go beyond your monthly plan allowance.
You will get 20% OFF hour regular hourly rate of $100/hr if you need additional time that goes beyond your monthly plan allowance.

Quick Note:

These prices are HALF of what my regular rate is and has been for over 5 years!! I want to build a long-term relationship with you and make it cost effective at the same time!
I am one of the top 3rd party consultants out there and I know these prices are more than half as much off as ANY competitor but it makes sense to me knowing that you will never want to work with anyone else after you see what I can do for you!!

Pick Your Plan Below!

Bi-Monthly Billing

No long term contacts ever. If you don’t want to continue with me just let me know before your next bill date. Additional hours will be billed separately.


Call me: 480.779.9293 (leave message & email me if no answer)

Steve, Thanks for your great work, your sincere approach is really appreciated. Keep up your great work.Meny Hoffman from Brooklyn, NY & 2012 Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer Finalist

Steve thank you for the *amazing* service. I never expected such a fast turnaround, and such a ‘highly polished’ web form. As you know, I’m already recommending you to everyone I know who uses InfusionSoft, and that was based on previous work you’d done for me – this new stuff takes it to another level! -Thanks againEd from North Yorkshire

WOW, I think I found my sole source for Infusionsoft help. Thanks again Automate and Grow!Brian from Tampa, FL

I hired the Automate and Grow team to do some quick coding work on my shopping cart and the turnaround was quick. I would certainly hire them again.
Thanks for the great service!Jay from Canada

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